Modified Digital Rebel (300D)

Orion ED80 piggybacked on 10" Meade LX200

February 1 -5, 2005

by Gary Honis

This was my second time imaging with the modified Digital Rebel. All images were from my backyard deck. Skies were clear with some valley fog/haze. Temperatures were very cold, between 10 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and allowed for low noise imaging at ISO 1600. An Orion ED80 refractor with f/6.3 focal reducer was used for the images and was piggybacked on a 10" LX200 classic. Images were guided through the LX200 using an SC modified Vesta Pro webcam and the guiding software GUIDEDOG.

Because the raw images appeared very red, most of the first exposures I took were short (45 seconds) because I thought skyfog was a problem due to haze and moderate light pollution. I later used some 1 and 2 minute exposures and found that skyfog was not a problem; the increased red sensitivity of the modified Rebel was causing the redder images.

M42 - Orion Nebula: Median combine of forty-two 45-second exposures layered with median combine of eighteen 2-minute exposures:

Flame and Horsehead Nebula: Sum of eighty-seven 45-second exposures layered with sum of sixteen 2-minute exposures:

NGC2244 Rosette Nebula: Sum of sixty-six 45-second exposures:


M65, M66 & NGC3628 Galaxies in Leo: Sum of seventy-two 1-minute exposures:

NGC2264 Cone Nebula: Sum of twenty 1-minute exposures and sixteen 2- minute exposures:

NGC2359 Thor's Helmet: Median combine of twenty-three 45-second exposures:

This object needed much more exposure time using the ED80 and will be a better target when imaging with the 20" Starmaster.

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