Supernova 2005CS in M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy

Modified Canon Digital Rebel and 20 Inch Starmaster

Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park

July 2, 2005

by Gary Honis


The following image is a "mouseover image". You will need to have scripting allowed in your web browser or "allow blocked content" for this to work. Move your mouse cursor over the image and an arrow will appear pointing to the supernova. Move the mouse cursor off the image to remove the arrow.

Move cursor on and off image:

Image taken with the Modified Digital Rebel through 20 inch Starmaster Alt-Az Dobsonian with GOTO Skytracker and autoguided using a modified Philips Vesta webcam. A Denkmeier 2 inch OCS was used to reach focus. No infrared block filter was used. Image is a stack of 12 one-minute exposures at ISO 1600 and is full frame. For details on how I am autoguiding the 20 inch Starmaster for imaging using Guidedog CLICK HERE.



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