Modified Canon Digital Rebel and 20 Inch Starmaster

M27, NGC 7331 & NGC 6960

GHAAS - Eckley, PA - July 10, 2005

by Gary Honis

Images taken with the Modified Digital Rebel through 20 inch Starmaster Alt-Az Dobsonian with GOTO Skytracker and autoguided using a modified Philips Vesta webcam. A Denkmeier 2 inch OCS was used to reach focus. No infrared block filter was used. All images are stacks of one-minute exposures at ISO 1600 and are full frame. For details on how I am autoguiding the 20 inch Starmaster for imaging using Guidedog CLICK HERE. Skies were clear and temperature was warm; around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

NGC 7331 Galaxy - Deer Lick Group - Stack of 10 one-minute exposures:



NGC 6960 - Part of Veil Nebula - Stack of 16 one-minute exposures:



M27 -Dumbell Nebula - Stack of 5 one-minute exposures:




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