500D Re-assembly

35A. Place the CMOS assembly unit onto the three springs, by lining up the holes in the assembly frame with the black plastic pins next to the springs. Be careful because the springs are loose and may fall over. For each of the three mounting screw locations place the appropriate shim(s) on the screws through the larger of the two holes above the spring with the plastic pin going through the smaller of the two holes. Return the three screws with the Torx driver to their original positions using one of the methods you used in STEP #17G. Place a drop of glue over the head of each Torx screw and the shim below it, to keep the screws from turning out of position.

35B. Connect ribbon cable to small white connector as shown. It is a slide type connector. Use a toothpick in the ribbon cable hole to wiggle it in gently. There is no small ribbon cable for the Full Spectrum modification.

35C. Push top of camera back down until it snaps in place. Place camera front piece back onto camera body. Start a the top and the bottom will snap into place as it slides over the metal tripod mount socket.

35D. Install two long screws above the lens mount and one medium screw below the lens mount:

36. Install two screws on bottom of camera as shown:

37. Install diopter adjustment screw and cam. The cam is keyed with a wide key and a thin key, so make sure to align it properly when installing.

38. Install two small screws as shown:

39. There is no step #39

40. Place circuit board into camera body. Note that on the upper right of the circuit board, there is a white plastic pin connector that mates with a black plastic receptical with a hole in it. Make sure it connects fully.

41. When inserting the circuit board note the routing of the ribbon cables. The circuit board rests on two alignment pins shown here. Connect the white "push-in" slide connector and make sure it is fully seated.

42. Install screw as shown:

43. Connect all ribbon cables labeled "A" through "J" in reverse order, starting with "J" first. Open the "J" hinge connector and use a toothpick to insert the ribbon cable into connector. I had some trouble inserting this ribbon cable all the way so I unscrewed the circuit board and pushed it in with my thumb and forefinger. (This is where small surgical forceps might have been a useful tool as recommended by Skyler) . Snap the connector closed. Using the diagram below as a guide, connect all remaining labeled ribbon cables through "A". ***500D: For the 500D there is no ribbon calbe "C".

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