650D & 700D Re-assembly Continued


26. Blow out any dust from the camera body cavity with a blowers bulb. The filter/CMOS assembly will now be placed back into the camera body. Place the CMOS assembly unit onto the three springs, by lining up the holes in the assembly frame with the black plastic pins next to the springs. Be careful because the springs are loose and may fall over. Return the three screws with the Torx driver to their original positions using one of the methods you used in STEP #14. Place a drop of glue over the head of each Torx screw, to keep the screws from turning out of position.

For the FULL SPECTRUM MOD only, you will need to do some extra work to adjust the CMOS Imaging Chip Assembly by re-adjusting its position so that the camera's Auto Focus function will operate correctly. If you do not need the camera's Auto Focus function to operate correctly, you can skip this adjustment. The adjustment involves turning the three sensor mount torx screws inward (clockwise) from their original positions by 1/12th of a full turn as shown below and then place a drop of glue on each torx screw to keep them moving out of adjustment.

27. Install three screws as shown for ground straps and reconnect small ribbon cable into the white connector using rubber tipped tweezers. (For Full Spectrum mod only, there is no cable). For the 700D only install the black plastic piece before installing the two screws on the left side of the photo below:

28. When inserting the circuit board note the routing of the ribbon cables. The circuit board rests on alignment pins. Install 5 screws as shown below.

29. Fully insert ribbon cables A through J into their connectors as labeled below. Refer to Step #9 for descriptions of the ribbon cable connector types.

30. The back of the camera is now connected to the camera body. Push both ribbon cables into their connectors. Place the back of the camera onto the body and press until it snaps into place.

31. Install the plastic port cover using four torx screws as shown. The black rubber grippy material needs to be pressed back into place on the camera body. Use a flat head driver to press the material firmly into place around its edge.

32. Install two screws as shown:

Almost done! Now continue to the next page for the final re-assembly steps that are the easiest part of the procedure.

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