Canon T5 (1200D) Modification Instructions

Part 2


21. Now that the orignal positions of the sensor screws have been marked, remove the three sensor screws and tape them on the screw sheet and label them. Remove the sensor:

22. There is only one screw holding the filter frames on the sensor. Remove screw:

23. Use small flat head driver to push the metal grounding clip off the filter frame as shown below:

24. Remove the metal grounding clip from the filter frame:

25. Use flat head chisel blade to remove the LPF#1 filter. Work around the perimeter of the the LPF#1 filter to loosen it with the flat head chisel blade:

26. Use the flat head chisel blade to lift the LPF#1 filter out of its frame:

27. Use flat head chisel blade to remove the LPF#2 filter. Work around the perimeter of the the LPF#2 filter to loosen it with the flat head chisel blade:

28. Use the nitrile glove to remove the LPF#2 filter from its plastic frame:

29. Install the Astronomik MC Clear Glass in the LPF#1 filter frame. Use silicone glue to glue the clear glass into the LPF#1 filter frame at the four depressions at the top and sides of the filter frame. Place the filter frame with the clear glass in a place where it can dry overnight.

30. For the FULL SPECTRUM MOD only, you will need to do some extra work to adjust the CMOS Imaging Chip Assembly by re-adjusting its position so that the camera's Auto Focus function will operate correctly. If you do not need the camera's Auto Focus function to operate correctly, you can skip this adjustment. The adjustment involves turning the three sensor mount torx screws inward (clockwise) from their original positions by 1/12th of a full turn as shown below and then place a drop of glue on each torx screw to keep them moving out of adjustment.

31. Continue the reassembly of the camera by starting at Step 24 and using the steps by working in reverse.

Modification completed.....Congratulations!

Next is the anxious moment.......turning the camera on and testing it to see if all works well. When you turn the camera on, you should get a message to reset the date and time. This is normal since the battery had been out for a long time. Reset both and test that all camera functions work well. The 650D & 700D models have a battery on the mainboard, so you won't need to reset the time and date.

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