Comet Linear 1999 S4


Cherry Springs State Park, PA - July 6, 2000

by Tom Orff and Gary Honis - GHAAS

Starlight Express MX5 CCD camera and 10" LX200 telescope with f/3.3 focal reducer.

ANIMATIONS: For an .AVI file animation of the comet click the following. Note that this is a large file (2.2M) and will take a long time to load. You can save it for viewing off line or view the animation online. The animation was made from 13 two minute images.

linear5.avi....... (For a smaller 500K online version click here)


For a longer animation file of 21 one minute exposures click the following:

1.1M online version click here


IMAGES: Click on the thumbnails to view larger images with descriptions:


For more animations and images taken by Gary with a peltier cooled greyscale quickcam see: