Canon Digital Rebel (300D) Modification

Modified Canon Digital Rebel User Links

by Gary Honis

This page is a listing of links to Digital Rebel user web sites that have made the IR removal modification. If you would like your web site to be added to this list, you can contact me at the following email address:

Matthew Chang - Matthew was very helpful to me with my modification; his mod is discussed here:

Terry Lovejoy - I used Terry's procedure as a guide for doing my mod:

Kevin Hobbs - Monitor his site for astro images with the moded Rebel:

Daniel McCauley - Be sure to also check out his tesla coil pages:

Phil Terzian - IR Filter Removal Modification and Cooling Project:

Anthony (Helix Gate) - IR filter removed using procedures on Terry Lovejoy's site - Nice Gallery:

Jaime Alemany - Jaime is getting some very nice images with his modified camera:

Denis Slattery - Initial images Denis has taken with the modified Rebel have been posted here:

Chris Venter - Chris is the author of of the focus assist software, DSLR Focus. Watch the Yahoo Digital_Astro group for his images.

WNM of Shanghai - WNM has information on the modification of his "EOS 300D" non-America version of the camera:

Roger Salmon - IR images from converted Canon D30, D60 & 300D cameras. Roger has a small business converting Canon D30 and D60s to dedicated IR cameras and plans to extend the range of cameras to the 300D, 350D and 20D:

Ian Sharp:- See all of Ian's great images with the modified 300D here:

Raymond TSE:- Raymond's Hong Kong web site is here:

Ralph McIntosh:- Ralph has a Gallery of excellent modified 300D images here:

John Ng:- John's "Man in Black" web site is at:

Alan Smallbone: - Alan has posted initial test daytime images with the modified camera here:

Mark Achterberg: Mark is obtaining some outstanding deep sky images using his modified camera with a 10" Newtonian scope at f/4.8:

Robert Krings: - Robert's web site and photo gallery is at:

Mike Kudenov:- Mike has added a peltier cooler to his 300D, here's his creation:




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