QuickCam Images

by Gary Honis

Color Quickcam VC and Peltier-Cooled Greyscale Quickcam

10 inch LX200

M106 - Sombrero Galaxy f/3.3 (Greyscale)


Jupiter & Saturn w/2X Barlow (VC)


M51 Whirlpool Galaxy f/3.3 (Greyscale)


Jupiter with Io and Io's shadow (VC)


M13 Hercules Globular f/3.3 (Greyscale)


Sunspots ETX-125 and Baader Solar Film (VC)


NGC 4565 f/3.3 (Greyscale)

M65 Galaxy f/3.3 (Greyscale)

M3 Globular (Greyscale)

Jupiter with Red Spot and Saturn (VC)


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