Instructions for Canon 6D Full Spectrum Modification using a 6D Astronomik MC Clear Glass

Astrophotography & Infrared Imaging

by Gary Honis


Please see HERE for a description of tools needed, discussion of modification procedures in general and please read the disclaimer.

Warning & Disclaimer:

Opening the camera will void your Canon warranty and you may ruin your camera. Proceed at your own risk; I am not responsible for any damage to your camera or injury to yourself. The camera contains a high voltage capacitor that stores lethal energy for the camera flash. The flash capacitor maintains its charge for a long time even after removing the battery and this charge can cause dangerous injury or even potentially fatal electrical shock. These instructions detail how I as an electrical engineer do camera modifications. If you attempt to modify your own camera it is at your own risk and I am not responsible for any damage or injury. After I modified my 6D camera, it did not power up. I needed to send it to a Canon Service Center for repair. Canon repaired the camera and their service description was "Internal component was jammed causing no power. The internal component was repaired." I asked Canon if they could provide more detail, but they never answered.

Modification Steps:

Before beginning the modification disable the Sensor Auto Cleaning and remove the battery and SD card.

1. Slide the viewfinder cover up to remove it and remove three screws:

2. Insert small flat head driver under black grippy material on one corner, lift and remove it:

3. Remove one screw under rubber grippy material:

4. Remove two screws on bottom of camera:

5. Insert small flat head driver under front corner of side grippy material near ports and remove it:

6. Remove two screws above ports:

7. Remove two screws as marked in front of port:

8. Open port covers and remove one screw:

9. Remove black port cover on camera side as shown below:

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