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Instructions for Canon 6D Full Spectrum Modification using a 6D Astronomik MC Clear Glass

Astrophotography & Infrared Imaging

by Gary Honis


Modification Steps Continued:

10. Remove one screw to upper left of corner of LCD display:

11. Remove one screw in upper right of camera back:

12. Open battery door and remove one screw as shown:

13. Remove the camera back slightly by lifting it on the right hand side and it should pop off, but be careful because it may be still connected by a short ribbon cable:

14. The short ribbon cable can be disconnected by lifting it up with your fingernail. It is a pop-off type of connector.

15. Peel black tape off to expose to ribbon cable connectors:

16. Remove ribbon cables as labeled from their connectors:

17. Use small flat head driver to lift up one corner of grippy material on hand grip side and peel back to remove the rubber piece:

18. Remove three screws as shown under grippy material by SD card slot:

19. Remove one black screw on side near bottom:

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