Gary's Motorized Big Bino Chair

Setting Up For Field Use


This animation is 1.5 Megs. and may take awhile to load. It shows the steps for setting up the bino chair which has three main components: ground board, chair base and chair with bino mount:

Animation - Setting up the chair:

by Gary Honis

Setup Notes:

Set up is quick. The three components of the bino chair are large items but they are relatively compact for transport since all three are flat. The ground board and chair base could be left together for transport. I remove my 25X100 binoculars from the bino mount when not in use, but one could keep them attached. It is important to set up on a level area. I carry a few small blocks of wood with me to use to level the ground board.

My Setup Procedure:

1. Place ground board on ground and level. I keep the chain and small sprocket on the ground board.

2. Place the chair base on the ground board. I keep the drill on the chair base but it can be easily removed and installed if desired. The drill chuck needs to line up with the small sprocket/arbor. Tighten the drill chuck. My drill chuck tightens by hand.

3. Place reclining chair on chair base and attach bungee cords.

4. Attach binoculars to computer tray.............Done!

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