Gary's Motorized Big Bino Chair

Finishing and Painting


by Gary Honis

Materials Used:

My woodworking skills are not the best. An observing friend of mine, Nick Zaller built his own dobsonian telescope and its wood has a polished furniture finish. My main objective was to build something functional and that would be protected from the elements and from banging around in transport. Nick's suggestion to get a good finish between coats of urethane is to use fine steel wool. There's probably more to it than that, but it worked well for me.

Finishing Steps:

1. I applied one coat of the oak color Minwax Wood Finish to the ground board and chair base and let dry.

2. I then applied four coats of the Helmsman Spar Urethane with sanding between coats using fine steel wool. I let the urethane dry well between coats before sanding.

3. I painted the metal conduit pipes and hardware of the binocular mount with white enamel spray paint to match the white frame of my reclining chair.

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