Logitech Fusion Webcam - Under The Hood

Pics of both sides of circuit board:

The large IC chip in the above photo is the Sunplus SPCA525A controller chip. This controller chip is also used in the Logitech QCPro5000, Logitech QCPro For Notebooks and the Logitech QC Orbit/Sphere MP webcams. Sunplus has a PDF file of its IC products HERE but the SPCA525A chip is not listed there. A similar controller chip to the SPCA525A that is listed seems to be the SPCA533A chip which is a controller for digital cameras supporting both CCD and CMOS cameras.

The Steve Chambers Modification for webcams to allow long exposures involves connections to vertical driver ICs for the webcam CCD sensors. For the Philips webcams this vertical driver chip is the NEC uPD16150 chip or for some Logitech webcams the Sony CXD1267AN chip or Panasonic MN3112SA chip. The Fusion contains none of those vertical driver chips. The only 20 pin chip on the Fusion circuit board is the ATMEL AT27LV520 chip which is an EPROM with integrated address latch.

My guess is that the functions of the vertical driver chip on the Philips webcams are performed on the Fusion within the Sunplus SPCA525A controller chip....this is just a guess. If so, the Steve Chambers modification will not be possible, but maybe controlling exposure length in "camera" mode could be enabled via the software driver.....this is just wishful thinking. There is some work posted on the web by Linux users that have been reverse engineering protocols for the Logitech Fusion HERE.

There are third party softwares that allow higher video resolutions than the driver provided by Logitech with the Fusion webcam, so maybe longer exposures in camera mode are also a possibility? Such softwares include: Open Video Capture , IC Capture , Virtual Dub and AM CAP .

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