Jupiter Animation & Images - Logitech Fusion Webcam

Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park

May 30, 2006


A modified Fusion webcam was used with 5X Televue Powermate and 20" Starmaster GOTO Dobsonian for these images. Seeing was steady for a few minutes around 1:00 am. The highest altitude Jupiter gets at this time from this location is 34 degrees and is a challenge for imaging. A high had moved in and unseasonably warm temperatures provided an overnight low of 62 degrees Fahrenheit. OPEN VIDEO CAPTURE was used to capture two-minute AVI files at 1280X960 resolution and 7.5 frames per second using the HuffyUV lossless video codec. An IO shadow transit, the Great Red Spot and Red Spot Jr. were visible.

JUPITER - 05/30/06 - 12:48am - 16 frames out of 900 total frames were stacked using Registax 3:

JUPITER - 05/30/06 - 12:57am - 28 rames out of 900 total frames were stacked using Registax 3:

JUPITER - 05/29/06 - 11:35am - 18 frames out of 900 total frames were stacked using Registax 3:


The animation below was made from 16 images of Jupiter taken between 10:20 pm on May 29 and 1:30 am on May 30. Jupter's Great Red Spot travels across the planet followed closely by Red Spot Junior. Jupiter's moon Io transits and is followed by a transit of Io's shadow:


Fusion Webcam Settings:

Typical adjustment settings used for the above images of Jupiter using the Fusion are as follows:

Processing notes: ( as reprocessed on 6/6/06 )

The size of the captured two-minute AVI files using the HuffyUV lossless codec at 1280X960 resolution and 7.5 fps was 1.2 Gig. Registax 3 was unable to align the large AVI file so I used K3CCDTools to export frames as BMP files. I loaded the best BMP frames into Registax 3 for stacking. Used Images Plus to apply Adaptive Richardson-Lucy with a PSF size of 29x29 pixels and 50 iterations followed by non-adaptive Maximum Entropy with a PSF size of 3x3 pixels and 11 iterations. Used NEAT IMAGE for noise reduction then Photoshop CS unsharp mask and color correction for final image.

Note: I did not reprocess the images used for frames in the animation.

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