Sun in H-Alpha - Animation

Logitech Fusion Webcam

March 16, 2006


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3/16/06 ANIMATION:

The GIF file animation below was created in Photoshop CS using 23 images taken over a 3.7 hour period. Images were taken every 10 minutes for the animation. A Modified Logitech Fusion webcam was used for imaging with an Orion ED80 refractor with 2X barlow and a 60mm Coronado H-Alpha filter on an LXD55 mount:



For the above animation, one minute AVI files were captured with the Logitech Fusion Webcam using OPEN VIDEO CAPTURE instead of the original software provided by Logitech. The advantage of Open Video Capture is that is allows AVI capture imaging at the full 1.3 Megapixel imaging chip resolution of 1280 X 960 pixels and 7.5 fps over a USB 2.0 connection. For each image the best of about 25 frames were combined using Images Plus.


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