Canon Digital Rebel (300D) Modification

Page 11 - Daytime Infrared Testing

by Gary Honis

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Daytime Infrared Testing:

An advantage of replacing Canon's IR Cut filter with a coated clear glass window is that add-on IR PASS filters can be used for infrared imaging. I am waiting for the popular infrared "Hoya R72" " that I ordered to arrive; but in the meantime, I tried infrared imaging with a 48mm "Tiffen Red 23A" filter" that I use for observing Mars. For infrared imaging there is a good selection of filters available that block all wavelengths below the color red but allow different amounts of the red wavelength along with infrared. Some of the strongest filters are color black, passing no color but only invisible infrared. The "Tiffen Red 23A" filter that I used for the images below isn't the best choice for infrared imaging, but because of the modified Rebel's great sensitivity to infrared, it worked okay.

The following images are "mouseover images". You will need to have scripting allowing in your web browser for this to work. Move your mouse cursor over the image and you will see the infrared image of the same scene. Move the mouse cursor off the image to go back to the normal image:

Move cursor on and off image:

Imaging in infrared results in water appearing dark and vegetation such as grass appearing bright (white). For the mouseover image below, the rocks in the stream remind me of the Martian landscape imaged by the rovers....hey... I think I see the Barney rock!

Move cursor on and off image:

To learn more about Infrared Imaging with a Digital Camera, see the Digital Photography For What It's Worth article:
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