Canon Digital Rebel XSi (450D), XS (1000D), T1i (500D) & T2i (550D) Modification Instructions

by Gary Honis


Page 5 - Imaging Chip Re-assembly

Removal of IR Cut Filter for Astrophotography

Filter/Imaging Chip Re-assembly

Here is the diagram again showing the components of the filter/imaging chip assembly. Use it for reference in the steps below.


31. Place Low-pass filter 1 into the Baader replacement glass assembly completed in Step 30. Make sure for the next steps that all optical surfaces are clear of dust using a blowers bulb, camel hair brush or a microfiber lens cleaning cloth.

For the FULL SPECTRUM MOD instead of re-installing the Low-pass filter 1, install the Astronomik MC clear class. It is a little thicker than the original Low-pass filter 1 but the metal frame in the next step can still be used to secure it in place. As an option, you can transfer the black gasket from Low-pass filter 1 and place it on the the Astronomik MC clear glass in the same position, but some may prefer to leave the gasket off.

32. Place the "support material" metal frame over the above assembly and push down on all four corners until it snaps into place. Note the orientation of the metal frame in the Step 33 photo. Be careful not to scratch the filter.

33. Make sure all optical surfaces are clean. Place the plastic filter assembly onto the CMOS imaging chip metal frame. Note there are two small black pins on the back of the plastic filter assembly that mate into two holes in the metal CMOS frame. Do this carefully to avoid contacting the imaging area of the CMOS chip with any other object, such as the sticky tape gasket that will seal the unit. Insert three screws in the holes shown. ***550D For the 550D see Photo 33A below.

Photo 33A (550D only):

34. The filter/CMOS assembly is now completed and ready to be placed back into the camera body.

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