Canon Digital Rebel XSi (450D), XS (1000D), T1i (500D), T2i (550D),

T3 (1100D), T5 (1200D), T3i (600D), T4i (650D), T5i (700D), T6i (750D) &6D

Gary Honis DSLR Modification Service

I stopped doing modifications on January 1, 2018. I will honor the 1-year warranty for existing customers.

-----Modifying DSLRs since 2004-----



Sale: New modified "FULL SPECTRUM" refurbished Canon T5 (1200D) including "EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS Lens" & free shipping in US -$640

Sale: New modified "FULL SPECTRUM" refurbished Canon T5i (700D) including "STM EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS Lens" & free shipping in US -$740

Sale: New modified "FULL SPECTRUM" refurbished Canon 6D "body only" kit. CLICK HERE for details.

For availability , please email me.

Sale: Like-New modified "FULL SPECTRUM" Canon T2i (550D) Body Only Kit & free shipping in US - $735 SOLD

Sale: Orion SteadyStar Adaptive Optics Guider with Field Rotator & free shipping in US - $900 SOLD

Modification Service: "Full Spectrum Clear Glass Modification" - I will convert your Canon XSi (450D), XS (1000D), T1i (500D), T2i (550D), T3 (1100D), T5 (1200D), T3i (600D), T4i (650D), T5i (700D) or T6i (750D) for astro imaging and infrared photography for the following costs:

6D Modification Service: 6D Full Spectrum Clear Glass Modification. I will convert your Canon 6D Full Frame camera for astro imaging and infrared photography for the following costs:

Also selling new Full Spectrum modified Canon T5 (1200D) refurbished cameras, with Image Stabilizer 18-55mm lens

Advantages of Full Spectrum Modification.

Service Procedure:

Step 1. To initiate an order, send me an email at :

In the email tell me which camera you will be sending along with your full shipping address and phone number.

Step 2. I will reply to your email with instructions for how, where and when to ship the camera. I will schedule a date convenient to you for the modification.

Step 3. Payment is required before I begin the modification. You can include a personal check, money order or bank check with your camera shipment. Payments using PayPal are also accepted (add 3% to cover PayPal fee in US; 4% in Canada). Upon receipt I will inspect and test the camera as delivered. Please be sure all functions of the camera are working before you ship the camera.

Step 4. I will send you a notification by email when your camera modification is completed along with test results and shipping information.

Full Spectrum: Modification with an Astronomik Multi-Coated Clear Glass Filter opens up the CMOS imaging chip to all wavelengths of light, as in commercial color CCD imaging devices. If a "Full Spectrum" Astronomik clear glass replacement is done, a UV/IR filter will need to be used if imaging with refractor telescopes and camera lenses. The UV/IR filter can be either the clip-in type, 2 inch mount or camera lens thread-on. As an Astronomik dealer, I sell the full line of Astronomik clip filters and also 58mm lens thread-on UV/IR and Color Correcting filters to my modification customers. During the camera modification, adjustments will be made so that the camera's autofocus feature and optical viewfinder will continue to work as in the original un-modified camera. For details on the "Full Spectrum" modification CLICK HERE.

Q. What happens to the Canon Warranty?

A. I provide a one year warranty on new and new Canon refurbished cameras. On used cameras I provide a 90 day warranty.

Opening the camera for the modification will void your Canon Warranty. I have no way of being certain that the camera you send to me has been previously altered and I will accept only unmodified cameras. If it is clearly found during inspection of the camera you send that the camera has been previously opened, is malfunctioning or damaged; it will be immediately returned without modification and the $20 shipping cost will be retained.

I do not accept cameras for repair service.

When I receive your camera I will test its functions before beginning any modification and also afterward. Be assured that I want your camera to work well after the modification and I will correct any problems that should occur as a result of the modification for the warranty period after you receive the modified camera.

Precautions are taken during the modification process to avoid dust particles. Very minor dust motes may occur on the modified camera and these can be removed completely by using flat fields. For normal daytime photos, if they are noticeable, they can be completely removed using the "dust delete data" function of the camera.

When you place the modification order you will be agreeing to this: See Disclaimer

Q. How long will it take to complete the modification and return the camera?

A. As an avid astro imager, I understand your need to have your camera returned as soon as possible. As per the Service Procedure steps listed above, I will not ask you to ship your camera to me for modification or pay for the modification service until I am ready to begin and complete its conversion in short order. The usual completion time for the modification is within three business days from receipt of your camera. My modification service may be closed during certain New Moon periods.

As part of the modification I provide and apply a free Red Shield Display. It can be used to preserve night vision and as a protector to avoid scratches on the camera's LCD display glass. It is a self-adhering vinyl, uses no adhesives, leaves no residue and can be easily removed and re-applied when needed.

Support Group:

Please contact me directly concerning any questions relating to the DSLR modification service I perform. Another way to obtain modification information is to join my support group: DSLR Modifications yahoo group. This group is a place where you can ask questions about DSLR modifications and share your ideas and experiences if you have modified your camera. As moderator of the group I will be available to answer any questions on my DSLR modification service or online modification instructions. The group is open to everyone and has about 2000 members.

About Me:

I am a graduate of Penn State University with a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering. I am licensed as a Professional Engineer with over 33 years experience as an Electronic Engineer in the Telecommunications Industry as an employee of a United States Government Federal Agency. I have been modifying Canon DSLR cameras since 2004 and have been providing detailed modification instructions online since then to assist others wanting to modify their cameras. I have been involved in astrophotography and astro imaging since 1989. I am a DSLR modifier that is actively doing astro imaging with modified DSLR cameras. My work has been published in Sky & Telescope Magazine, AstroPhoto Insight Magazine, "Digital Photography" and the Marvel Studio's Movie "Thor". I am also a member of the International Dark Sky Association and have been actively involved in light pollution reduction efforts for over 27 years.

The camera owners below have provided feedback on my modification service and have allowed their comments to be posted. Many thanks to all:

Dear Gary,

One word sums it all up: Excellent! Excellent service, excellent turn around time, excellent equipment, excellent help and advice. And with all of that I’m taking fantastic photographs. So maybe two words: Excellent and Fantastic!!

The entire process was very fast and very easy to deal with. Not only did you give me advice on what to purchase but you handled everything for me. All I had to do was wait for the finished product to arrive and then start taking photos. Your services didn’t end there either – you gave me a lot of invaluable advice on how to use the modified camera. The Astrophotos that I’m taking now far surpass what I was taking before I bought the modified camera and before you shared your valuable knowledge.

I’ve attached 4 photos for you to see and share on your web site if you’d like. They were all taken on my back deck during November, 2009.

I am very happy and very fortunate to have found your web site!

Happily yours,

Mark Guinn
Fowler, Michigan


"Hi Gary,

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the modification you did to my Canon 1000D. I love it!

You did a great job with a fast turnaround, and the camera's increased red sensitivity for hydrogen-alpha emission nebulae is wonderful. Thank you for this outstanding service that you provide to the amateur astrophotography community.

Best regards,
Jerry Lodriguss"

Catching the Light - Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss


Gary did a great job modifying my Canon XSi camera. The camera functions perfectly and has greatly enhanced my astrophotography experience.

Gary's service and communication were excellent. He provided a pre-mod and a post mod check list showing exactly what was done and he did all this is a very timely manner, beating his estimated completion time. After sending the camera to Gary, it was back in my hands within one week! You can't beat that!

Gary's website shows anyone who is interested exactly how to modify their own camera, but with his excellent reputation, quality service, and pricing, letting Gary make the mod takes all the risk out of opening up the camera. Thanks for a job well done, Gary!

Jay 'Patrick' Johnson

J Patrick Johnson PBase Celestial Images Gallery


"Hi Gary,

Thanks for the quick turnover in modifying my Canon 1000D. I received the camera and couldn't even tell it had been disassembled. I'm really pulling a lot more H-alpha out of my astro-photo's. I recently took what I consider my three best astro-photo's yet, all in one night, and cannot wait to get back out.

I have also been pleasantly surprised with the quality of my daytime images using only a quick custom white balance. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the way the transaction went, and I'd recommend your mod service to anyone considering it.

Thanks again,
Adam Jaffe"

Adam's Gallery of Images on the Lackawanna Astronomical Society Web Site


Gary modified my Canon 450D (EOS XSi) this past year. His work was excellent, and turnaround was fast. He is very thorough in his work. He takes the time to make test images both before and after modifications to insure that autofocus, dust spots and exposure control are unaffected by his work. In my case, Gary had the camera fully modified in under three days, then delivered the modified camera to me in person at a local star party. He spent a few hours with me for first light exposures, teaching me technique and the intricacies of effective astrophotography. I look forward to many more years of Gary’s advice and guidance as I learn this exciting new hobby. I would definitely recommend Gary’s work to anyone not wishing to tackle a camera modification by themselves.

Patrick Crants

Orion Prime Focus and North American with Zoom Lens Post-modification Photos


Hi Gary,

Below is my testimonial to your service. You have my permission to publish it wherever you see fit.

Gary Honis' camera modification service is a class act from start to finish. His attention to detail is second to none. Upon receiving my camera, he immediately ran it through an intense battery of tests in order to ensure proper operation prior to modification. There was never a doubt in my mind as to his progress during the entire process. His communication to me was outstanding. Upon completing the process, Gary ran it through the entire test battery again to make sure everything was operating as intended.
Including shipping time, I was in receipt of a fully functioning astro modified DSLR in 5 days. It has functioned wonderfully since its arrival and I look forward to putting it through its paces every new moon.

As if this wasn't enough, what is most impressive to me is Gary's continued commitment to his work and love of his hobby. Under no obligation, he has offered a wealth of advice to me weeks and months after he completed my camera's modification. I have never met Gary personally, but I am under the impression he does this because he loves it. His answers to my questions were personal, meaningful and and well researched. He has taken some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen and I believe his dedication to mentoring and teaching our small community runs deep. I can say, with the highest of confidence, that you will be happy with any service that Gary offers.

On another note, a picture of M33 I just finished. Thanks for the advice on photoshop, I'm slowly, but sure getting better at this...

Ken Pendlebury

Ken Pendlebury's Photostream on Flickr



I am absolutely delighted and impressed with the Canon 450D DSLR modification you performed for me two weeks ago. As a physicist, I probably could have done the modification myself, and considered it much earlier after seeing your modification instructions on the Internet, but I was reluctant to undertake the task for various reasons, not the least of which was the fact that my current general-use Canon DSLR 10D had been purchased for my wife, who had serious reservations every time she saw me mount it piggyback on my telescope. Modification of that camera by me would have resulted in divorce or worse, after 54 years. A different Canon DSLR camera body was mandatory, I decided.

I was very happy to learn that you performed the modifications as a service, and contacted you immediately. You informed me as to your currently available modified cameras, and told me exactly how and where I could buy other refurbished Canon camera bodies, which could be shipped directly to you from the supplier for your subsequent modification.

You made the whole process very easy, and as an astrophotographer yourself, even suggested you could get the modified camera to me by New Moon, which hadn't even occurred to me up to that point. The fact that you completely check-out the camera and its performance both before and after the modification gave me a lot of confidence in the camera and process.

You kept me well-informed via Email of the status of the process, and made a lot of very helpful suggestions regarding the camera settings and shortcuts in astrophotography, such as how to focus on the stars using Canon's LiveView feature, something I had not encountered before.

True to your suggested timeline, the modified camera arrived on New Moon, and I took pictures of the Horsehead Nebula that very night, and the next few nights. Your earlier suggestions and insights allowed me to take pictures immediately, without a drawn-out learning process.
It performed spectacularly on the hydrogen-alpha emission, something my unmodified Canon 10D was absolutely unable to do, no matter how long the exposures.

I've had since 2002, an SBIG ST-7 cooled CCD monochrome camera with a color filter wheel which I rarely use due to the fuss of taking all the exposures through the color filters, along with necessary flat fields, etc. Multiple short exposures with subsequent "stacking," make the TEC cooling far less important. With the purchase of my earlier Canon 10D DSLR, I stopped using the SBIG ST-7, except for the hydrogen-alpha emission pictures such as the Horsehead Nebula. Now, with the modified Canon 450D DSLR, I'll probably never use the cooled ST-7 again.

All in all, Gary, your modification service has been a very pleasant experience, and I'd do it again "in a heartbeat," and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others.


Dr. Arthur R. Kotz (Art)



What a great service you offer!

I ordered a refurbished Canon 450 from Adorama and had it sent directly to Gary for The Baader filter modification. The Canon 450 arrived at Gary's with an obvious scratch on the LCD. Gary immediately contacted Adorama and had a new refurbished Canon 450 sent to him and he returned the scratched camera to Adorama. After a couple of days and a thorough inspection I received my modified Canon. I could not be happier with the results of this modified DSLR camera. The deep reds from nebula show up on even the shortest exposures. Thank you for the quality service you offer.

Scott Kindt

Scott Kindt's DSLR Gallery


I had a much longer wait for my Canon DSLR modification than most people due to a temporary worldwide shortage of the replacement Baader UV/IR filters. Because of that, I'm probably even more appreciative of Gary Honis's incredible customer service ethic than most.

Gary's online camera modification video is what sold me on his services in the beginning. Anyone who would provide that free detailed instruction, inspite of the fact that it's his business, was a special person. I was aware of the possibility of a replacement filter shortage in February, when I ordered the modification of my 4-month old Canon XSi. During the 3-month wait for the filters, Gary not only kept me apprised of progress on a regular basis, but offered me the alternative of a clear filter replacement, providing me with detailed information that was extremely helpful in deciding that that was not for me. I continued to receive updates from Gary every 1-3 weeks, until finally in early May, he said it was time to ship the camera to him.

When the camera was in his hands, he provided a complete report of its function in a pre-modification checklist. It was only days before I received the modified camera back with a post-modification report and instructions on resetting the white balance, which he had already done for me. The camera looked like new and operated flawlessly.

At that point, my patience was tried by the weather, due to one of the wettest and cloudiest springs I can remember in Colorado. Two weeks after I received the modified camera, I was finally able to use it at my club's dark site. Despite the haze and poor seeing, the camera produced some wonderful images, including one of M27 that met all of my expectations: improved sensitivity and absolutely wonderful reds.

I would heartily recommend anyone to purchase camera modification services from Gary Honis.

Thank you, Gary.

- Darrell Dodge, Denver Astronomical Society

Astronomical Imaging by Darrell M. Dodge



You modded my Canon XSi a few months back. I have finally been able to use this and I just wanted to say Thank You for a job well done. Your service was excellent and very professional (availability to answer questions, quick response times, packaging, etc). There was no doubt that my camera was taken care of while in your hands. I have taken several images of red emission nebula and the results are outstanding. Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Jason Hood


Hi Gary,

I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated you, your modification service, and your extreme professionalism through this entire process. Though taking photos is not new to me, the world of astrophotography is, as is using the camera I purchased (Canon XSi 450D). You have guided my steps along the way, and your help has not just been of value, but your dedication to professionalism in your work has helped me to know there are others out there who really CARE about the product and services they provide to others, and even continued follow-up services, guidance and assistance!

Thank you for starting me on a new journey. I look forward to the new world you have helped open for me.

Charles Smith
Homewood, Alabama


Hi Gary:

Camera was received here in very rural Nova Scotia on Thursday morning, July 28. That's six days in transit. Pretty good. All seems well. In fact I am very pleased with it and have been burning up the nights as there has been an unprecedented run of good nights since I received it and at new moon too. Quite a bonus!

Last night I shot the NA and Pelican with it. Image and info posted at

Keep in mind, I am not an experienced astrophotographer. I am very happy with these first results. Thanks again for the impeccable work . . . I could not tell the box had even been opened!

Terry Danks

Photography of Terry Danks



Just wanted to let you know everything arrived in good shape. Your color balance setting you performed on the camera looks good to me. Appreciate the display red covering. I’ll let you know when I get back out and take a few shots with the modified camera. Waiting for Celestron to return my CPC, at present. I’m very pleased with your courteous, quick and professional modification of the camera. I will highly recommend your services to others in the future.


Phil Chartier


After doing some research on the web, I chose Gary to replace the infrared blocking filter with a Baader UV/IR filter. I ordered a Canon EOS 550D in January 2011 and had it shipped directly from Adorama to Gary Honis. The email messages from Gary were very informative and he made every effort to get my camera modified and delivered quickly. His DSLR Modification Service comes with my highest recommendation. By February 2011, I had my newly modified Canon EOS 550D and immediately set about testing it with some of my favorite Nikkor lenses (105mm f/2.5, 180mm f/2.8 and 300mm f/2.8). The images are remarkable, especially when I use the Canon Live View feature to carefully focus on a star field. I'm so pleased with the Canon EOS 550D that I selected it for a project to image all 110 deep sky objects from the Messier Catalog using the Takahashi Epsilon 180 Hyperbolic Astrograph. Visit my Messier Catalog Photo Gallery to see the image quality delivered by this camera and telescope combination.

Fred Espenak

Fred Espenak's


Thanks for the quick work, Gary. I really appreciate the nearly daily updates also – it’s really nice to know exactly what was going on with things on your end as the work progressed. With so many other companies my gear stuff just disappears for weeks, if not months, at a time and even direct requests for status go unanswered (thanks, Celestron). I really appreciate the service - too bad I only have one camera to modify or I’d send another right away!

I have gotten my UPS status email on my end and it looks like it will arrive ahead of time – they are saying tomorrow (Wednesday) already! Thanks again – I can’t wait to get the modded camera out under the stars and see what a difference it will make to my DSLR astrophotography.

Anthony J. Kroes


Dear Gary,

I recently made a GRISM (diffraction grating over a prism) spectroscope. While calibrating the wavelength scale, I assembled the ATTACHED PHOTO which compares unmodified with modified cameras and various filters. It might make a clear illustration for your websites. Feel free to use it. In the meantime, I took many excellent astrophotographs with the camera you modified. Even with long exposures and manual guiding, there is an obvious improvement in sharpness compared to my unmodified T3i. I presume this is due to the removal of the anti-aliasing filter.

Best Regards,

Rudy Kokich

Click here for my Gallery of Modified Canon 450D (XSi) & 550D (T2i) DSLR astro images.

For more information see:

Self Removal of IR Cut Filter for Astrophotography (450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 1000D & 1100D)

Also see my modification instructions for the Canon Digital Rebel 300D.

The brand name "CANON" is the property of Canon Inc.

---------Order these two guides by Jerry Lodriguss for DSLR Astro-imaging---------

So you now have a modified DSLR for astro imaging. If you are a beginner to DSLR astrophotography, your next best step is to learn all you can about using your modified DSLR. When I complete camera modifications for owners, I get many questions afterward about how to use the camera, including: How to get precise focus? Which exposure settings to use? How to calibrate, align and stack exposures? How to adjust white balance? How to process images?

I am happy to advise and welcome all questions, but the best advice I can give is to order "A Beginner's Guide To DSLR Astrophotography". The book on CD-ROM is authored by Jerry Lodriguss, a professional photographer, amateur astronomer and astrophotographer. Based on his over 25 years of astrophotography experience, he makes it an easy learning process to capture and process astro images. Jerry also has a more advanced book on CD-ROM available: "A Guide to Astrophotography with DSLR Cameras". Consider arming yourself with both these books on CD-ROM, read them at your leisure and maximize your potential for capturing and creating the most spectacular DSLR astro images your modified camera can provide.

Those located in the United States can place orders for Jerry's Books on CD-ROM here:

Domestic orders for "A Beginner's Guide To DSLR Astrophotography".

Domestic orders for "A Guide to Astrophotography with DSLR Cameras".

Those located outside of the United States can place orders for Jerry's Books on CD-ROM here:

Foreign orders for "A Beginner's Guide To DSLR Astrophotography".

Foreign orders for "A Guide to Astrophotography with DSLR Cameras".


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