Canon Digital Rebel XSi (450D), XS (1000D), T1i (500D) & T2i (550D) Modification Instructions

by Gary Honis


Page 3 - Camera Disassembly Continued

Removal of IR Cut Filter for Astrophotography


13. Remove screw that was under ribbon cable connector "G":

14. Bend back metal grounding strap as shown so that circuit board can be removed later. ***500D: For 500D skip this step and go to Step 14A.

Michael Pietschnig ***1000D note: "I found it easy to remove the grounding strap by removing its mounting screw instead of bending it." UPDATE: More recently, newer Canon 1000Ds have a cutout on the black body plastic and the mounting screw can be easily accessed .

14A. ***500D only: Ribbon cable "C" needs to be slid out from behind small metal clip so that the circuit board can be removed in Step 16:

15. Disconnect white connector on edge of circuit board with a flat head jewelers driver. This is just a pull out type connector:

16. Remove the circuit board. To remove the circuit board lift up on the lower left end first, past the metal strap that was bent upward in Step 14, and then remove the circuit board by pulling it down toward the bottom of the camera. There is a white plastic pin at the top of the circuit board that will slide out of a black part that has a hole for the pin. ***500D: For 500D see Figure 16A for cable that remains connected to the circuit board.

Figure 16A: ***500D only. The circuit board will remain attached to a cable in the upper left corner so just lay the circuit board alongside the 500D as shown below:

17. Remove two small screws for metal ground shield and one large screw as shown. UPDATE: There is no need to remove the metal ground shield, so as an option, you can remove the single long screw only and skip the next step, #18. ***500D: For 500D, skip this step (Step 17) and follow the steps HERE.

18. Remove metal ground shield by using small flat head jewelers driver as shown to pry the shield off at all four corners:

19. Disconnect ribbon cable from small white connector as shown. It is a slide type connector. Use a toothpick in the ribbon cable hole to wiggle it out gently.

20. Remove two long screws and two short screws as shown. (The long screw at the top of the photo was a little difficult to get to. The screwdriver I used had enough grab to remove and re-install this screw at a slant. Some modifiers report having to drill a small hole in the plastic housing directly above it to get at the screw. The hole is not a problem because the viewfinder cap when re-installed covers it.)

21. The next step is to remove the CMOS imaging chip/circuit board assembly. Be careful when removing it because there will be an exposed filter on the back side. There will also be three small metal shims where this assembly mates with the camera body. The shims are used for adjusting precise focus and there may be one or two at each mounting location. Move the small ribbon cable behind the metal tab as labeled in the above photo, so it does not get hung up on the metal tab when removing the assembly. The assembly needs to clear small black pins first to become totally free. Here is the assembly removed (large pic). The small pic shows the assembly if you did not remove the ground shield.

Michael Pietschnig ***1000D note: "I had to remove rubber sealant from around the "support material frame" lug which protrudes from underneath the sensor assembly before I could lift it out. The screw next to the label "ribbon cable" in step 20's Figure goes through that lug."

22. And this is the back side of the assembly:

I kept parts that I removed in plastic Glad food containers to keep dust free. Now continue to the next page for steps on replacing the IR Cut filter of this CMOS imaging chip/circuit board assembly.

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