Peltier Cooling of Modified Canon Digital Rebel XSi (450D)

by Gary Honis

Below are some quick images of how I used a peltier device from a 12V beverage cooler ($25) and a metal coffee canister ($5) along with a styrofoam cooler ($3) to build a peltier cooling system for my modified Canon XSi (450D).

UPDATE: See latest Version III of the cooler that is smaller, lighter and cooler HERE.

In the above image the peltier cooled Canon XSi (on left) is in the focuser of an Astro-Tech 127mm triplet refractor. On the right is a Meade DSI Pro imager in the focuser of an Orion ED80 used for autoguiding.

The following photos were taken during the assembly process:

Peltier cooler parts taken off the cooler:

Fan remounted to heat sink:

The cooler's on/off and cold/warm switch with LED lights was taken off cooler and mounted in a project box:

Peltier/fan/switch assembly and coffee canister and Canon 450D camera:

Peltier/fan attached to coffee canister:

Canon XSi camera in coffee canister with Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer and 2" barrel:

Styrofoam panels added and foam sealant being applied:

Completed unit with temperature display:

Side view of completed unit. Velcro straps hold the top piece on:

Images of cooler on scope:

Before I disassembled the beverage cooler, I made a test of its cooling effect. I placed the Canon XSi inside the cooler and turned the peltier on while I took dark frames at ISO 1600 every five minutes and measured the air temperature inside the cooler. A plot of the 30 degree Fahrenheit temperature drop over time is shown in the chart below:

UPDATE: Testing of the camera cooler gave a temperature drop that I was not satisfied with, so I built another version of the cooler. Click Here for details of Version II of the camera cooler.

UPDATE: See latest Version III of the cooler that is smaller, lighter and cooler HERE.

Removal of Canon XSi (450D) IR Cut Filter for Astrophotography:



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