Canon Digital Rebel XSi (450D), XS (1000D), T1i (500D) & T2i (550D) Modification Instructions

by Gary Honis

Page 6 - Camera Re-assembly

Removal of IR Cut Filter for Astrophotography


For the FULL SPECTRUM MOD only, you will need to do some extra work to adjust the CMOS Imaging Chip Assembly by re-shimming its position so that the camera's Auto Focus function will operate correctly. If you do not need the camera's Auto Focus function to operate correctly, you can skip this procedure. CLICK HERE for re-shimming procedure.

35. Blow out any dust from the camera body cavity with a blowers bulb. The filter/CMOS assembly will now be placed back into the camera body. Notice the three focus shim locations in the photo below. There are black pins holding the shims in place and each shim has a hole for a mounting screw. Line up the three holes in the filter/CMOS assembly frame with the three pins and place onto camera body. Start by inserting the upper left corner, then lower left corner and then upper right corner being careful of the two ribbon cables. Note the orientation of the two ribbon cables in the Step 36 photo. ***500D: For 500D skip Step 35 and continue HERE. ***550D: For 550D skip Step 35 and continue HERE.

36. Install four screws as shown:

37. Connect the ribbon cable into the white slider connector using a toothpick as shown. There is no ribbon cable to connect for the Full Spectrum mod.

38. If you removed the metal ground shield in Step #17, reinstall it by pushing down on all four corners until the shield snaps into hold down clips:

39. Install one long screw as shown. Also install the two short screws as shown if you removed them in Step #17.

40. Place circuit board into camera body. Note that on the upper right of the circuit board, there is a white plastic pin connector that mates with a black plastic receptical with a hole in it. Make sure it connects fully.

41. When inserting the circuit board note the routing of the ribbon cables. The circuit board rests on two alignment pins shown here. Connect the white "push-in" slide connector and make sure it is fully seated. If you removed the grounding strap screw in Step 14 instead of bending the strap, reinstall the screw now.

42. Install screw as shown:

43. Connect all ribbon cables labeled "A" through "J" in reverse order, starting with "J" first. Open the "J" hinge connector and use a toothpick to insert the ribbon cable into connector. I had some trouble inserting this ribbon cable all the way so I unscrewed the circuit board and pushed it in with my thumb and forefinger. (This is where small surgical forceps might have been a useful tool as recommended by Skyler) . Snap the connector closed. Using the diagram below as a guide, connect all remaining labeled ribbon cables through "A".

Now continue to the next page for the final re-assembly steps that are the easiest part of the procedure.

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